How to identify The Cartier Replica watches

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How to buy the Cartier Replica watches


Case: Cartier replica watches, especially K gold watch, case identification, such as balance pattern, 18K or 750 mark, St. Bonaventure dog or “Lord Protector goddess” woman head tag, these markers are stamping is very small and clear, copy watch are often bulky and fuzzy.

Cartier is derived from the French luxury jewelry brand. Its jewelry, Replica watches design and manufacturing has a high level of achievement. Cartier watches belongs to the top watch, especially very high status in the eyes of women. How to identify genuine The Best Cartier Watch Replica Cheap? Let’s watch to tell you.

Dial: Dial printing (including sub scale character, English letter) is clear, black, shiny, convex, and this off the watch, don’t do a very good, many of which are fuzzy and dim and not raised. Cartire dial is characterized by 7 points or 10 point position, there is a very small print of the “CARTIER” letter, which is most able to examine the level of its printing.

Back cover: easier is to look at the Cartier Cartier Watch back cover, cover above all lettering, including sportsmanship, watchcase, watchcase material, type, production number. Truth watch lettering very clearly and deeply, strokes are “thin”, a smaller font; and false watch is thick strokes, shades, layout is not beautiful, logo fuzzy.

Strap: then need to observe the strap, nail strap discount, discount surface finish, do not leave the watch. For example, nail rough outcrop, round and traces of the processing, discount surface finish is not bright, irregular shape and chamfering, in a screw hole is the existence of burr, these phenomena are typical characteristics of fake Cartier Cartier watches.

Serial production: production serial number of the original watch is engraved, very deep and very clear, if it is carved in the watch on the back cover. It also and the rear arc consistent, that is, the figures also showed circular arc arrangement and imitation of the watches are generally straight row of horizontal. The production of the current production of Cartire watches are engraved in the position of a shell claw position, the number is carved very small and dense, this practice is not to imitate the current imitation. Gao Fangbiao’s production number are essentially a number, whether men or women, no matter what type.

Guarantee card

Swiss cartier watches are usually 2-4 guarantee card (specifically to watch models), is dark red, and credit card the same size. It is printed on the number of watches (watch model, production number, movement number and cover of the blue chapter of the seller), and watch one one. Ensure the contents of the card: including international guarantee, chronometer proof, natural diamond watch function guarantee and guarantee. High imitation watch often have a number is not corresponding to the function of the situation should not be and no vendor blue chapter.


Cartier watches to choose the types of very much, prices from more than 10000 to millions of unequal, before you buy first check about the official price, if you found the prices of many thousands or even hundreds of cartier watches watches online and don’t believe is the genuine, it can be said that this is definitely fake, is a high imitation watches.

Pointer: Best Fake Cartier UK watches, its characteristic is the use of “blue steel needle, false watch pointer often are light blue, and the actual truth watch is deep blue. Cartier Cartier original pointer plating surface is very bright, very smooth, regular shape and slender (especially the second) needle on the luminous and the dial on the color is consistent.

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